Dental Technician International Meeting


5 table clinics will operate simultaneously on 12 April 2019 from 10:30 – 18:30 with a rotation of four groups for each table. 

In a small group (10 seats avilable / additional standing). Outstanding Orthodontics will present various topics of great interest in table clinic demonstrations. Participants will have the opportunity to interact immediately and ask their personal questions of interest. 

The practical demonstrations will, at the same time, provide inspiration and offer means of trouble shooting.

To see the timing for the Table Presentations <click here>

Table 1: The Real on “X" Hybrid Technic Known as REAX with Elie El Khoueiry, Lebanon
Table 2: How to Prepare Printed Metal for Porcelain with Stanislav Shishkov, Bulgaria

Table 3: Digital Denture Design with 3shape in Combination with 3D Printing on the Nextdent 5100 with Germen Versteeg, The Netherlands
Table 4: Dental Systems 2019: Whats New (CAD Design) with Ashley Jude, (CAD/CAM Specialist), DT, UAE
Table 5: Gradia Plus: Aesthetics and Functionality with Ihssan Hamadeh, Syria
Table 6