Dental Technician International Meeting 2019

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How many types of zirconia do I need?

What can multicolor technology offer in comparison to monochromatic, pre-shaded or shading liquid colored zirconia and even multilayered zirconia?

„Achieve the 16 VITA classical® shades with just 7 color variants!
How is that possible?“

A Complete Range of Shades with only seven Discs!
The priti®MPguide represents the full range of shades achievable with priti®multidisc ZrO2, simply through positioning the restoration in different areas of the blank.
This zirconia matches 16 VITA® Classical Shads and 3D-Master® Shades with only seven discs.                                    
This provides a streamlined inventory and reduces caring costs.

In this course you will learn

1. Colour match & color effect & color boost
Consistency and difference / VITA classic & MPguide
Difference between Translucent and High Translucent – intraoral impact

Hints – Advices - corrective actions:                                                              
mapping heights, CAM nesting, firing parameters, wall thickness, handling of dyeing liquids…

2. Precision – CAD/CAM Software
Overview & Differences
Nesting, milling strategy, early detection of failures

Tips & tricks:
Typical Sources of Error

Course Objectives

  • Get advices how to best match the color shade
  • Avoid typical source of error
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