Dental Technician International Meeting 2019

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Digital Denture Design with 3shape in Combination with 3D Printing on the Nextdent 5100

Digitale dentures in combination with 3D printing is one of the biggest disruptions in dentistry.
With the nextdent 5100 and using 3shape design software we are able to following a fully digital workflow for every kind of removable or fixed denture.
With a experience of more than 1000 digital dentures germen Versteeg Will show you the workflow of the designing of a digital denture and also how to use the innovative 3D sprint software and print these dentures on a nextdent 5100 printer.
We Will discuss al the trips and tricks for a workflow of a high quality denture and a easy and fast design.


  • learn to work with the 3D sprint software
  • learn how to use the nextdent 5100 printer in a digital denture workflow
  • learn how to design a denture in 3shape
  • learn how to create a high effiency workflow for full dentures
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