Aesthetic Dentistry MENA Awards 2024

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Aesthetic Dentistry MENA Awards 2024 Marks the Triumphant Rebirth After a Break Since 2012

Early bird submissions end on 01 July 2024


This high-powered competition originally launched in 2009, is back in full swing, set to reignite the spirit of excellence and innovation in Aesthetic Dentistry. Don't miss the chance to be a part of this exciting revival!

With the dynamic trends and advancements in the field of Dentistry, our commitment to recognizing the outstanding achievements of professional practitioners is more critical than ever. 

This unique contest is created to recognize the outstanding achievements of dental professionals and to focus public attention on the quality and level of dentistry in the region for the well-being of the patients.

The Centre for Advanced Professional Practices(CAPP) is proud to host this event, celebrating modern trends and advances in dentistry!

 Join us in shaping the future of dentistry and raising the bar for excellence!

The Vision

To create a platform that serves as a benchmark for dental care and industry players by recognizing exemplary performance in the Middle East region’s dentistry.
The award will show the ultimate in health, the latest in science and the art of dentistry.


To create value by encouraging, recognizing, and rewarding achievers, performers, and contributors within the dental care sector.
To recognize excellence in dental practices in the MENA region, allowing dental professionals to demonstrate their achievements to both their patients and their competitors.


  • Establish a standard for the quality of dentistry for the well-being of patients.
  • Encourage professionals to strive for excellence in dental practices.
  • Create a balance between professional, personal, and moral performance in dental care—where the future of aesthetic dentistry may lie.
  • Share ideas and innovations on the hottest topics in the field.
  • Contribute to the progress and development of aesthetic dentistry worldwide.
  • Promote the development of dental medicine in the region.
  • Focus public attention on the region's quality and standards of dentistry.

Jury and voting

An independent select judging panel consisting of well-known leading figures in dentistry-representatives of associations and professional organizations in the field of dental aesthetics will study all entries and select the three best cases from each category.


A glamorous Gala Awards ceremony will celebrate our winners at the Madinat Jumeirah Hotel, Dubai. Winners, nominees, and judges from countries across the MENA will gather with the elite of dentistry to pay tribute to this most outstanding achievement. Trophies and certificates will be awarded to winners in all categories.

MENA Aesthetic Dentistry “Awards 2024 is the biggest, one of the most remarkable dental assemblies in the region marks the dental calendars and puts the regional dental achievements on the World Dental Professional map.

Glamorous Gala Dinner will celebrate the winners and participants
Madinat jumeirah hotel, Dubai, UAE | on 15 November 2024

The MENA Award is in conjunction with the “CAD/CAM Digital & Oral Facial Aesthetics 37th Int’l Dental Conference / Exhibition"
Madinat Jumeirah Arena & Conference Centre, Dubai, UAE | 15-16 November 2024

Online Entries:

Submission Deadline 01 OCTOBER 2024

Winners Announcement 01 NOVEMBER 2024

Celebration of Winners and Nominees 15 NOVEMBER 2024

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