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Pathway to German Masters: when a delegate successfully completes the 3 Modules of the Lasers in Dentistry Mastership programme, she/he can continue to the “Master of Science in Lasers in Dentistry" from RWTH Aachen University (optional only). The delegate will be exempt from 2 out of the 10 modules of the Master in Aachen as these modules would be completed during the Lasers in Dentistry Mastership programme already. Additionally, the delegates who have completed the Lasers in Dentistry Mastership programme in Dubai, UAE will receive a discount of 5,000 Euro from the Masters.

The two-year, executive master programme "Lasers in Dentistry" comprises ten individual, self-contained modules. The programme goal is specialisation of dental practitioners to experts in laser therapy. The modules are taking place only in Aachen and the Academy has joined 2 modules together to give participants the possibility to better arrange their travel to Aachen and to make less costs for flights and hotels. In total, the participants go to Aachen 4 to 5 times (every half a year) in total in the 2 years in order to get the Master.

This postgraduate, executive education course combines lectures, skill training sessions, live OPs, tutorials and practical workshops. Additionally, the study course is rounded off with extensive literature research, homework and laboratory work, patient treatment and documentation as well as practical experiments.

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