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In this section, you can find questions and answers to the most common queries related to the programme. In case you cannot find an answer to your question in this section, please contact us.


Where are the courses going to take place?
Dubai, UAE.

Is this course going to be hands-on/practical?
Yes. Majority of the course is practical hands-on (approx. 50%) using microscopes.

How many cases do I need to present for the Certificate and Diploma courses?
You need to present 5 for the Certificate course and 5 for the Diploma course.

Can I do the cases on my own patient in the clinic I work at?
Yes, you will do these cases on your own patients. More information you can find on the British Academy of Restorative Density (BARD) website (

What are the Certificate and Diploma exams consisting of?
Multiple choice questions and review of the cases.

What happens if I miss one module?
Both the certificate and diploma courses will be annual repetitive events. For example, if you miss Module 2 of the Certificate course, you will be able to do the same exact module in the next year and still obtain your Certificate.

Is only one endo company used during the hands-on?
No. This is an academic course and therefore during the hands-on part many different file systems and obturation systems will be introduced and used.

Are there any other programmes offered in the Middle East?
Yes. CAPP-Tipton Dental Academy and the British Academy of Restorative Dentistry (BARD) also offer in Dubai, UAE Restorative & Aesthetic Diploma and Clinical Implantology Diploma programmes. In addition, CAPP in cooperation with Aachen Dental Laser Center (AALZ) and RWTH International Academy - RWTH Aachen University offer Lasers in Dentistry Mastership programme. There are over 315 delegates who completed or are currently enrolled in the four Post Graduate programmes.

Registration & Payment

What are the requirement for signing up for the Certificate course?
You need to be a General Practitioner (GP) Dentist, any other type of dentist or a dental student in order to be eligible for the Certificate course.

What is the deadline for the registration?
There are only limited seats available so whenever the courses are full, registration will be closed.

Can I sign up only for the Certificate course?
Yes. You will then obtain Certificate in Clinical Endodontics from the British Academy of Restorative Dentistry (BARD).

Is payment in installments available?
Yes, it is. You can pay the Certificate course in 3 different instalments and the Diploma course 3 different instalments. Payments must be made prior to each Module. For more information go to the registration section of the website.

What is included in the price?
Lectures, hands-on training, all training materials, lunch, coffee breaks, certificates after each module and others. No hidden costs.

Accreditation & CME

Is this programme accredited?
Yes, it is. By Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and DOH-Abu Dhabi with regards to CME points.

How many CME credits would I obtain if I follow the courses?
All modules are 4 days long. Each day gives you est. 7 CME, meaning in one module you will obtain est. 28 CME. If you attend the Certificate course, you will attain est. 84 CME. If you attend the Certificate and Diploma, you will attain est 168 CME.

British Academy of Restorative Dentistry (BARD) and Tipton Training UK

What is British Academy of Restorative Dentistry (BARD)?
The mission of the Academy is to promote the improvement of the people oral health and in particular the quality of occlusion based restorative dentistry performed by promoting educational opportunities and structured learning pathways and to advance the art and science of Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry.

BARD fulfills this mission by creating a network of like-minded dental professionals, promoting and supporting Certification, Diploma and Fellowship pathways, providing accurate information for both patients and dental professionals and creating a structured learning pathway in Restorative and Aesthetic dentistry.

Excellence Through Education. The British Academy of Restorative Dentistry’s fundamental principle is to promote education. The BARD is the only organization of it’s kind to offer a complete training pathway from membership through Certification, Diploma and onto Fellowship. It normally takes two to three years to complete all the requirements, but the rewards are well worth the effort. All members are encouraged to pursue Certification, Diploma, and Fellowship. All Restorative Dental Professionals can join the Academy. When you join the BARD, you become part of the family, a family of dedicated professionals. Members of the Academy include general and restorative dentists, periodontists, prosthodontists, aesthetic dentists, orthodontists, endodontists, cosmetic dentists, dental laboratory technicians, dental auxiliaries, dental hygienists, educators, researchers, and students. The member benefits, annual Scientific Sessions, and Local Affiliate seminars not only offer an opportunity for you to further your education, they allow you to network and socialize with other restorative dental professionals from around the world.

What is the core purpose of The British Academy of Restorative Dentistry (BARD)?
The British Academy of Restorative Dentistry (BARD) is an organization whose core purpose is the education of dental clinicians, aiding in the improvement of Oral Health by offering them a flexible learning pathway. These pathways can lead to MRD via PG Certificate, Diploma, MSc and MClinDent and MSc (Master of Science). Members are encouraged and given the opportunity to improve their skills in all aspects of dentistry from the very basic principles to advanced treatments and concepts. Our members are not limited to just dentists, dental technicians are also part of the BARD Family.

What is Tipton Training, UK and their accreditation?
Tipton Training is one of the largest Post Graduate providers in the UK delivering courses for the past over 30 years and trained over 3,500 dental professionals. The Royal College of Surgeons of England (RCS) have awarded Centre Accreditation to Tipton Training for its Courses in the UK and Ireland. With this Tipton Training becomes the first private post graduate dental education provider in the UK to have an RCS England accredited centre. The provisional accreditation conferred on Tipton Training in December 2018 and was ratified by the RCS Council on the 13th of June 2019.

In addition, Tipton Training is Level 7 accredited which is a recognised and guaranteed level of quality. This status can only be awarded to institutions after their course curriculum, method of delivery and assessment is audited and verified by a body such as EduQual.

After the Diploma

I would like to receive a fellowship from British Academy of Restorative Dentistry.
How can I achieve this?

Firstly, you need to complete the Certificate and Diploma courses in Dubai. Secondly, you need to have Masters degree or you need to be a Specialists. Thirdly, you need to presents a portfolio of 10 case studies for approval by the Board of Directors of BARD. Then you will be awarded Fellowship of the British Academy of Restorative Dentistry which is the highest honour.

I would like to do a Masters Degree. How can I achieve this?
This programme is a pathway to UK Masters of Science (MSc) in Clinical Endodontics. Visit this section of the website for more information.

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