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A delegate could start the programme from Module 2 (09-12 December 2020) and compensate Module 1 with Group 5. As the modules are not required to be completed in a consecutive way, this will not impact the learning experience of the delegates in anyway

Clinical Endodontics Certificate

The course will comprise of lectures, practicals (hands-on) and seminars. This is a 6 months course over 12 days leading to a postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Endodontics from the British Academy of Restorative Dentistry. Successful completion of the 6-months course will allow entrance to the examination for the Certificate in Clinical Endodontics. This will include MCQ Examination and Case Studies. If you attend all 3 modules of the Certificate course, you will attain est. 84 CME.

Module 1    |    Fundamentals of Endodontics
Group 1: 20-23 April 2017 (4 days) | Group 2: 22-25 February 2018 (4 days)
Group 3: 21-24 March 2019 (4 days) | Group 4: 16-19 September 2020 (4 days) 

Programme outline: Introduction to contemporary endodontics. Understanding of instrument design and its effect on the prevention of iatrogenic errors. Maximising endodontic success and understand factors that influence it. Classification and diagnosis endodontically diseased teeth. Contemporary endodontics. Dentine pulp complex. Radiographic assessment of cases both conventional, CBCT & others. Risk factors in endodontics. Principles of access cavity design and locating canals and curve canals. Length determination. Standard / crown down / balance forces / modified double flare techniques.

Hands-on training: Hand Filing & Cold Lateral Compaction techniques. Rubber Dam application and access cavity preparation. Introduction to hand and rotary nickel titanium shaping and carrier based obturation. Obturation Practical- Cold Lateral, single cone and carrier-based Compaction. Hand steel files, hand and rotary NiTi Protaper. 

Module 2    |    Aetiology and Diagnosis of Endodontic Disease (Application & Techniques)
Group 1: 27-30 July 2017 (4 days) | Group 2: 26-29 April 2018 (4 days)

Group 3: 19-22 June 2019 (4 days) | Group 4:  09-12 December 2020 (4 days)

Programme outline: Microbiology of endodontic disease and its relationship with the host immune response. Endodontic Microbiology and biofilm development; Periapical pathology. Pulp reaction to caries. Apex location and length determination. Dental emergencies. Pain management and local anesthesia. Examination, diagnosis and consent.

Hands-on training: Rotary NiTi and thermoplastic obturation techniques. Protaper Gold. GuttaCore Obturation. Wave One Gold. Warm Vertical and Continuous Wave Compaction.

Module 3    |    Traumatic Injury, Pain and its Management. Dental Resorption and Pattern of Tooth Fracture
Group 1: 12-15 October 2017 (4 days) | Group 2: 16-19 August 2018 (4 days)

Group 3: 26-29 September 2019 (4 days) | Group 4: 03-06 March 2021 (4 days)

Programme outline: Emergency endodontics and diagnosis in depth. Odontogenic and non-odontogenic pain diagnosis and management. Understanding advanced endodontic problems. Dental Trauma. Resorption. Orofacial Pain. Obturation techniques. Tooth Fracture.  

Hands-on training: Reciprocating NiTi and carrier-based thermoplastic obturation techniques. Advanced rubber dam placement. Race Scout / Race ISO 10 and Rotary Glide Path Management. iRaCe. Single cone obturation with calcium silicate-based sealers. XP Expandible NiTi Technologies. XPShaper / XP Finisher. 

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*100% Money Back Guarantee

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