Dental Technician Int'l Meeting 2023

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Sinus Lift crestal approach using hydraulic pressure: a reliable and predictable technique


Almost 80% of our patients have less than 6mm of bone height when it comes to the edentulous area in the upper posterior jaw. Thus, the need of placing implants in this area often clashes with the necessity of performing the insidious surgery of sinus lift, which sometimes can bring unforeseen and complications. Many techniques to raise the floor of the sinus have been proposed in the literature since Tatum in 1975 introduced, for the first time, his method to increase the bone height by placing graft material under the Schneiderian membrane. After almost 50 years there is still no consensus about which technique is, at the same time, more predictable and less invasive for our patients. Hydraulic pressure seems to be a promising and effective technique with a very low incidence of failures and complications.

Learning objectives

  • Alternative to the sinus lift
  • Indications and limits of sinus lift crestal approach using hydraulic pressure
  • Is the graft material always necessary in the sinus lift?
  • How piezoelectric surgery can be a useful instrument to reduce the possibility of complications
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