Dr Maurizio Martini, Italy
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Dr Martini graduated with honours from the University of Ancona, Italy. Later received his Masters in Oral Implantology from the University of Rome. Dr Maurizio Martini attended various courses to further develop his knowledge of oral and implant surgery, prosthetics and periodontology.

For the past decade, he has exclusively dedicated his practices to Implantology with a particular focus on immediate loading. His passion for dentistry continues and he keeps on learning new techniques and technologies, particularly in 3D-Digital X-Ray, and Piezo Surgery.

Which are as follow:

  • Advanced Implant Surgery (by Prof Simion, one of the Pioneers of GBR)
  • Periodontology (by Tonetti and Dr. Cortellini Accomplished practitioners of GTR)
  • Oral Surgery (by Clauser and Dr. Barone)
  • Bone Regeneration and Bone Graft with 3D-Block Technic (by Dr. Jacotti)
  • Implantology and Oral Rehabilitation (from New York College of Dentistry)
  • Progress and innovations in sinus lift (by Dr. Stephen Wallace)
  • New mini-invasive technic on sinus lift (by V.Bucci Sabatini)

Dr. Martini has significant experience in all areas of dentistry, specializing in dental implants, bone regeneration and with experience using the latest dental technologies to deliver same day dentistry