Dental Technician Int'l Meeting 2023

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3D Pro Zirconia Material

Time: 10:00-11:30 | 11:30-13:00 | 14:00-15:30 | 15:30-17:00
Attend the lecture at your preferred time slot.


In modern dentistry and the development of materials used for the fabrication of dental restorations, Aidite Company is considered the first company to produce zirconia materials characterized by the wonderful combination of vital and aesthetic properties with functional properties, such as the strength and hardness of its zirconia products. This great development gave great solutions and more options to dentists, whether those interested in Aesthetic Dentistry, implants, or prosthodontics.

Thanks to these wonderful products that got the satisfaction of many dentists around the world, the impossible became a reality. As we were able with these materials to reach the highest aesthetic results (simulating nature) by making full anatomy restorations without adding any ceramic materials, giving us beautiful solutions for cases of single units or even cases of complete rehabilitation in implant cases.

What is amazing is that this innovative company has been able to produce products for aesthetic solutions in cases of veneers made of transparent zirconia and also to create a solution to most of the problems that dentists face in terms of the cementation of veneers made of zircon material, with the invention that changed the perception of the world of dentistry, which is the Aidite Biomic Lisi Connect material.

A step-by-step practical application workshop will be presented on all Aidite products. Let's share together the aesthetic and impressive results in the world of stains and different zirconia materials.

Learning Objectives

  • You will learn step by step - the construction and understanding of the surface texure formation of teeth
  • Learn about the solutions provided to replace artificial gingiva and how to distribute colors to simulate natural gingiva
  • Learn the effective steps to achieve the best color symmetry in the patient's mouth using various stains from Aidite.
  • Tips & Tricks on how to get professional transparency for veneer cases and bleach colors.
  • Learn about professional camera settings (camera, lenses and flashes) to get the best professional photos
  • Applying more than one technique in professional photography for use in publishing, advertising or social media.


10:00 – 11:30
  • Creating Surface Texture & preparing the Restorations for The Foundation
  • Starting with the Foundation ( Step By Step )
  • Making first and second stain bake 
11:00 – 12:00
Coffee breake
12:00 – 13:30
  • Make the first and second gingival bake
  • Applying the Biomic Stain & Glaze Kit 
13:30 – 16:30 Lunch
16:30 – 17:00
Discussion and Q&A

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