Mohanad Abdul Jawad, Bahrain
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Mohanad Abdul Jawad is a highly experienced Dental Technician with a career spanning over 15 years. He is the Co-Founder and Technical Lab Manager of GPS International Dental Lab, where he has made significant contributions. Certified by GPS 3D Smile Design, Mohanad is a proficient Digital Smile Designer. He also holds the role of a Master Dental Photography Trainer and Coach, leveraging his expertise in dental photography. He has excelled as a Commercial Photographer and Designer as well.

Mohanad's educational journey includes a Dental Technology Diploma from the University of Al Baath in 2008 (Syria) and a Diploma in English Language from Al Jazeera English Academy (KSA). He also holds a Diploma in Professional Photography from Kingston Business Academy of Higher Education (UK).

Currently positioned as the Co-Founder and Dental Lab Manager at GPS International Dental Company in the Kingdom of Bahrain since March 7, 2017, Mohanad Abdul Jawad continues to contribute significantly to the field of dental technology and cosmetic dentistry.