Online Event | UAE Timezone (GST) 24 Nov 2023


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Class III malocclusion: Lower arch sequential distalisation in adult and teen patients


Class III sequential lower distalization with the Invisalign technique is a minimally invasive approach (Non-Extractions-TADs and Surgery) applied in the lower arch to address class III malocclusions.

Sequential Attachment Placement on lower distalised molars and premolars enhances aligner fit and lower arch anchorage. With the Esthetic Start Motivation Strategy, patients achieve short-term lower anterior aesthetic results while maintaining high motivation and full-time aligner and elastic wear throughout the entire treatment duration.

During the presentation, we will review comprehensive Class III complex malocclusions in teenage and adult patients, as well as Class III complex malocclusions combined with vertical discrepancies such as underbite or anterior open bite malocclusions.

Learning Objectives

  • Gain deeper understanding on different techniques to distalize in CLIII cases with clear aligners 
  • Learn about benefit of Esthetic start motivation strategy 
  • Gain further knowledge on utilization of auxillaries and elastics in CLIII malocclusion treatments 
  • Understand the impact of sequential distalization on predictability 
  • Gain clinical confidence to treat CLIII cases combined with Vertical discrepancies 

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