Dr Kamy Malekian, Spain
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He has held the position of Visiting Professor at Orthodontic Postgraduate UCM Madrid since 2001.

Dr. Malekian is recognized as an Invisalign International Clinical Speaker, a role he has held since 2002, and is also a valued Invisalign Faculty member.

His expertise is widely acknowledged, as evidenced by his lectures at over 300 Invisalign Certification & Study Clubs across Europe.

Dr. Malekian has been a featured speaker at Invisalign congress events in countries such as China, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Italy, India, and Thailand.

He has also been a speaker at significant global orthodontic conferences, including the APAC Invisalign Summit 2016, the 1st South Asia Forum 2017, the EMEA Invisalign Summit Dubai 2017, and the Global 300 Invisalign Symposium.

With a remarkable record of over 2400 Invisalign cases, Dr. Malekian has achieved the prestigious Invisalign Diamond doctor status since 2012.

His contributions to the field have earned him accolades such as the Top European Invisalign award in 2007 and multiple Invisalign Peer Awards.

Additionally, Dr. Malekian's scholarly achievements include the publication of an article in the Journal of Aligner Orthodontics (Quintessence 2019).