Online Event | UAE Timezone (GST) 24 Nov 2023


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Digital Orthodontics Online Symposium is part of the CAPP November Dental Livestream, an esteemed annual online event dedicated to showcasing the latest innovations in dentistry, was successfully conducted on 24 November 2023. This event attracted 5,367 dental professionals who attended the program from around the globe.


The Digital Orthodontics Online Symposium featured 5 international speakers from 4 different countries, and their insightful lectures explained the latest advancements in dentistry, providing valuable knowledge to a global audience. CAPP extends gratitude for their time, commitment, and passion for advancing the field. 

The following speakers gave their scientific presentations throughout the two-day event.

Dr Theresia Sudjalim: Achieving the best clinical outcomes with interdisciplinary treatments using clear aligners
Dr Vicki Vlaskalic25 years of clear aligner innovation - What has changed?
Dr Kamy Malekian: Class III malocclusion: Lower arch sequential distalisation in adult and teen patients
Dr David WaltDigitizing your aligner workflow
Dr Regina Blevins: Interceptive orthodontics using clear aligners

Many thanks to our moderators, for the insights and for coordinating the event:

Sponsors, Partners & Media Partners

The top leading dental manufacturers sponsored the Livestream further contributing to advanced dentistry in the digital era.

CAPP would like to thank the sponsors for supporting the Digital Orthodontics Online Symposium.

Thank you all for making this event such a success.
See you next year!

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