10th Dental Facial Cosmetic International Conference

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Digital Occlusion and Neuromuscular Paradigm

Occlusion is the foundation to effective diagnosis and comprehensive treatment planning, especially for every clinician who is involved in dental cosmetics, prosthetics, TMD and orthodontic dentistry.

If you want to learn cosmetic dentistry, predictable restorative techniques and avoid or minimize broken crowns, prevent unnecessary pain, this course will advance you to know how the human masticatory system works. In this age of super computers and ultrathin sensors, occlusal specialists worldwide are waking up to eye opening knowledge of what is termed as an ideal occlusion. T- Scan, the tool stands tall as a single most important, demystifier of the principles of past. Dr. Rashida will take you through irrefutable evidence produced by T- Scan, J5 and K7 verified by top universities of world like UCLA and NYU, over last 27 years or more, they will create possibility of leaders amongst you, providing huge data on its usage and a fun tool that it creates in clinic which allows patient participation and Business promotion

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