Dr Rashida Juzar Ali Vajihi, UAE
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Dr. Rashida Juzar Ali is one of the leading Cosmetic and Neuromuscular Dentist in India and Dubai. She has extensive experience of over 11 years in the field of Neuromuscular Dentistry and she has been one of the pioneers in this field in her country. She has undergone extensive training in Cosmetic Dentistry; Implant Dentistry, Neuromuscular dentistry & Cranio-Sacral Dentistry from the USA.

She has achieved her Master's degree in Oral Implantology from New York University (USA).

She is also an Invisalign Certified Dentist and has treated ample cases of Malocclusion with a holistic approach.

She is also a national and international speaker and Lecturer on the topic, she is extremely passionate about, which is ‘Digital Occlusion’. She has been actively taking courses and lectures as a keynote Speaker in various conferences and has trained various dentists in art and science of Aesthetic Dentistry and Neuromuscular Dentistry.

She has been awarded in various Conferences for her achievements in this field.

She is also a DSD (Digital Smile Design) Certified Cosmetic Dentist.

With exceptional clinical experience and unparalleled dedication towards the profession, she has sculpted over 1500 smiles till date including celebrities and High profile people in UAE.

She has also extensively featured in various Magazines and Newspapers.

She has kept herself abreast with the latest treatment techniques and knowledge of advanced dentistry.

She has been one of the very few dentists to be using the latest technology like T-Scan, EMG, JVA, J5 TENS & K7 etc.