06 Sep 2022

Join two surgical hands-on courses using a piezo surgical device and CBCT-based digital planning

The Piezotome is the most powerful unit on the market. It enables to access the lateral wall in a much more efficient and effective way. It reduces the surgical time and swelling that the patient would have post-operatively. On Saturday, 23 September and Friday, 24 September, Prof Dr Dr Angelo Troedhan will be holding two, each day-long hands-on courses supported by ACTEON at the CAPP Training Institute in Dubai, UAE.
Join two surgical hands-on courses using a piezo surgical device and CBCT-based digital planning

Prof Dr Dr Angelo is a specialist in Craniomaxillofacial Surgery with a focus on traumatology, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery of the face and with a double-approbation also a specialist in Dentistry since 1995. He is a leading ultrasonic surgeon, developer and scientist in ultrasonic surgery, dental implantology, bone-augmentation and maxillofacial surgery. Dental Tribune MEA spoke with Prof Dr Dr Angelo and asked him about his upcoming courses in Dubai.

How piezotome can help in enhancing the results of implant surgical procedures?

Minimal invasive and lossless bone management like bone-lossless crest-split, autologous bone transplant as well as immediate implant insertion after atraumatic tooth-removal with Piezotome due to full preservation of the alveolar ridge

Do you think CBCT-based treatment planning reduces the risk of failure of planned treatment?

Since the entire surgical procedure (bone-management), as well as implant insertion, can be simulated and adapted to the patient's anatomy before the surgery risk of failure can be minimized. Furthermore, CBCT-based bone densitometry reduces the risk of wrong decisions regarding immediate implant loading.

Could you offer some insights for prospective course participants about why doctors should attend this course?

Since all fields of medicine nowadays depend on the digital workflow, especially highly technical disciplines, such as dentistry cannot be executed properly without knowledge of digital diagnosis, treatment planning and minimal invasive execution.

What are the different aspects of surgical procedures delegates will learn on each day of the course?

As announced in the programme, participants will learn how to utilize CBCT for precise diagnosis and treatment planning as well as minimal invasive execution with ultrasonic surgery.

How the clinicians make a difference in their daily practice by using the piezotome?

As demonstrated in experimental and clinical studies: faster and atraumatic tooth-removal preserving the alveolar ridge, bone-lossless bone management in augmentative procedures, and significantly less patient morbidity intra- and post-therapy.

To find out more and register for the course, please visit: Hands-on course: Atraumatic tooth extraction and piezotome application: https://cappmea.com/course/piezotome and hands-on course: CBCT-based digital planning and execution of advanced bone surgical techniques with minimal invasive Piezotome – surgery: https://cappmea.com/course/digital-cbct-workflow.

Participants can earn seven continuing education credits per day.