29 Apr 2020

Dr Galip Gurel confirms attendance as a keynote speaker on the CAPP Live Stream Meeting

CAPP (Centre for Advanced Professional Practices) will host Part 3 of its CAPP Live Stream Dental Meeting In Covid-19 Period on 07 May from 13:00 to 18:00 UAE GST Time.
Dr Galip Gurel confirms attendance as a keynote speaker on the CAPP Live Stream Meeting

Dr Galip Gurel from Turkey who is one of the world’s most famous and prominent speakers in dentistry, will be the keynote speaker during the CAPP Live Stream Dental Meeting In Covid-19 Period Part 3. His lecture with title “Essentials of Aesthetics” will focus on how to make patients happy with the final aesthetic outcome and meet their expectations. Dr Galip says: “It is imperative that outlines of the final smile design should be communicated with the patient even before the treatment planning is decided and approved. For an aesthetically and functionally successful case this is mandatory and called the PRE-VISUALISATION. The dentist should never start any procedure without visualising the final result at the very beginning of the whole treatment.”

However in order to pre-visualise the final smile design in the mouth, in 3D, it needs certain tasks to be realised. Going back to basics, the simplistic approach to that will be the application of the  direct mock up in the mouth. Even though it appears to be a simple task, in reality in order to get a true realistic design, that needs an experienced dentist with high skill levels, and followed by the wax up  stage which needs another experienced technician with high skill levels. The next step will be to have the final design that should be applied in to the patients mouth in 3D with all the final details as the APT (Aesthetic Pre-evaluative Temporaries) whether it be an analog or digital wax up. In veneer or crown and bridge cases this can be applied just before the preparation of the teeth, where as in more complex cases like implant or ortho combined prostho cases this should be used as a treatment planning tool.

The event will also feature other four speakers and topics such as:

  • ORTHO Everyday Orthodontics - Interceptive (Early) Orthodontic Treatment with Dr Abdelhakim El Gheriani, UAE
  • IMPLANTS Single Implant Restorations with Dr Carlos Sabrosa, Brazil
  • PHOTOGRAPHY The Art and Science of Emotive Clinical and Dental Laboratory Photography with Dr Miles Cone, USA
  • ENDO Management of Severe Curvatures and Complex Anatomy with a new Generation of Martensitic Files and Bioactive Obturation Materials with Dr. Antonis Chaniotis, Greece

The participates will have the possibility to ask questions to the speakers directly. Another important aspect of this event is that the speakers are not sponsored or have any commercial interests with any company with regards to the Online Meeting. The online lectures deliver only high quality and evidence-based education.

The Online Meeting is accredited for 5 CME by American Dental Association (ADA C.E.R.P.) which are recognized by MOHAP, DoH-Abu Dhabi, DHA & GCC Authorities.

In the COVID-19 epidemic, this type of online platforms allows dental professionals around the world to continue their engagement and education with the latest in dentistry.

Visit the event webstie to find out more: www.cappmea.com/online-meeting-covid19