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The Laser in Dentistry Professional Training programme starts on 15 November 2023 in Dubai, UAE. It is awarded by the Sigmund Freud University Vienna and Aachen Dental Laser Center (AALZ) and organised by CAPP with faculty lead Prof Dimitris Strakas. This is a one-year clinical specialisation course. 

The Lasers in Dentistry Professional Training postgraduate programme targets dentists who would like to specialise in certain wavelengths. The course consists of skill training sessions, exercises, practical applications, and hands-on training in every module to guide participants towards using lasers successfully and professionally in their own treatments. Over the period of one year, participants are taught fundamental physical and technical knowledge,  and how to recognise primary,  secondary,  and tertiary indications during 12 attendance days split into 3 modules (4 days each). This programme concludes with Module 3 which takes place in Vienna, Austria with an examination and an official certificate from Sigmund Freud University Vienna.


The programme is aimed at dentists who want to keep pace with their patients´ wishes for innovative and gentle treatment methods. Dental laser technology and treatment concerns are typically not taught in standard academic studies in dentistry. Therefore, this programme teaches the necessary professional knowledge for laser applications in dental practice taught at the highest academic level in theoretical lectures and practical hands-on teaching for two selected wavelength areas - dental Diode lasers and dental Erbium lasers. Relevant theories and application options pertaining to laser use in dentistry are taught for those wavelengths.

The course is divided into 3 modules requiring 12 days of attendance over a one year period and upon completion it offers the participants a chance to obtain a Professional Training Certificate (Certification course), recognising them as a specialist in laser therapy in dentistry from the Sigmund Freud University Vienna. Module 1 includes a Laser Safety Officer course that will allow the participants to obtain a Laser Safety Officer (LSO) certification: Laser construction, function, and handling.

The modules of the Professional Training programme are a subset of the Sigmund Freud University Vienna 2 years Master Professional Lasers in Dentistry and qualify for an upgrade into that programme if the participants so decide after successful completion.

Key Facts & Benefits

  • Group 10 starts on 15 November 2023
  • The Lasers in Dentistry Professional Training programme consist of 3 Modules, in a total of 12 days
  • Taking place in Dubai, UAE (Module 1 & 2) and Vienna, Austria (Module 3)
  • Location in Dubai: CAPP Training Institute (fully equipped Dental Simulation Facilities) equipped with phantom heads, clinical units with high, low and speed-increasing handpieces supported by dental compressors, microscopes, the latest TV/AV equipment and more
  • Target audience: GP Dentists, Dental Students, Dental Interns and other Specialist Dentists
  • Hands-on training in every module
  • This is a non-commercial and non-sponsored educational course. The speakers are not sponsored or have any commercial interests with any company. The course delivers only high-quality and evidence-based education. Participants will be exposed to dozens of different products and equipment from various dental companies throughout the course
  • Accredited by the American Dental Association (ADA C.E.R.P.) with regards to CME points. Recognised by MOHAP, DoH-Abu Dhabi, DHA & GCC Authorities
  • Training delivered by renowned European specialists
  • Provides access to the ILIAS e-Learning Online Library of Aachen Dental Laser Center (AALZ) and Sigmund Freud University Vienna where prior to every module, participants gain access to course study materials. 
  • Special attention to each single participants
  • Awarded by the Sigmund Freud University Vienna and Aachen Dental Laser Center (AALZ) 
  • Pathway to Austrian Masters: when a participant successfully completes the 3 Modules of the Lasers in Dentistry Professional Training programme, she/he can continue to the “Master Professional in Lasers in Dentistry" from Sigmund Freud University Vienna (optional only). The participant will be exempt from 2 out of the total modules of the Masters in Vienna as these modules would already be completed during the Lasers in Dentistry Professional Training programme. Additionally, the participants who have completed the Lasers in Dentistry Professional Training programme in Dubai, UAE will receive a discount of 4,000 Euro from the Master.
  • Modules are always on weekends
  • Payment in instalments is possible

Topics Taught

  • Laser safety officer (LSO)
  • Diode soft tissue lasers
  • Erbium hard tissue lasers
  • Combined wavelengths therapy concepts

Programme Goals

The main goals of the programme are:

  • To teach the delegates how to put scientifically proven cutting-edge Laser techniques into practice to deliver great results.
  • Give the delegates the confidence to take on simple and complex cases.
  • Help ease the delegate’s transition into private practice.

Programme Benefits

Upon graduation, you will:

  • Increase your income: up-skill now and give yourself the opportunity to generate more income. Performing just one extra treatment a month could mean that the course pays for itself!
  • Improve your job prospects: secure a better, more varied job. Gain the confidence to open your own private practice and stop referring to high-value work elsewhere.
  • Boost your confidence: our lecturers will teach you proven techniques to improve the quality of your results, reduce your failure rate and, increase your confidence to take on more complex work.
  • Update your skills: keep up to date with cutting-edge techniques and advancements and become accustomed to new materials

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