Digital Orthodontics Symposium 2023

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Are we already shifting from a force driven to a shape driven aligner biomechanics?


The field of aligner orthodontics is experiencing a notable shift from force-driven to shape-driven biomechanics. This transformation is facilitated by the introduction of advanced elasticity, improved adherence, and root visibility in aligners, particularly exemplified by Spark Aligners. This transition empowers orthodontists to differentiate between antagonistic and synergistic tooth movements, resulting in accelerated, efficient, effective, and patient-centric aligner treatments.

Learning objectives :

  • Recognizing the impact of enhanced elasticity and improved adherence on aligner prescription and protocol adjustments.
  • Assessing tooth movements as antagonistic or synergistic helps orthodontists tailor treatment plans for optimal results.
  • Force system reading with the help of Spark’s virtual roots visibility to distinguish between controlled and uncontrolled tipping and the resulting enhancement in treatment predictability.
  • Exploring the intuitive concept of the "Water Balloon effect" as a valuable tool for discerning simultaneous tooth movement
  • Analyzing and interpreting qualitative and quantitative measures of predictability in orthodontic treatment.
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