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Scorpios Focus Products

Fast splint matrix 

A range of fiber products for the production of dental splints and bonded bridges at the chairside.

  • Aesthetic
  • Simple
  • Quick
  • Reliable
  • Non-invasive

Fiber Force

  • Complete and partial removable dentures reinforcement.
  • Pre-impregnated with a UDMA resin, metal-free, chemical and mechanical cohesion.
  • Three times stronger than metal framework reinforced dentures
  • Mechanical and chemical adhesion
  • Lightweight, aesthetic and quick


  • Securing the implant transfers.
  • Easy impressions for an implant model.
  • High-precision, no verification key required.
  • D-lab allows high-precision impressions in order to create, for the laboratory, an accurate in detail model and a dimensional precision for immediate loading and all-on-4F
  • Easy application of the fiber orally
  • Light curable
  • Render of a high-precision model for dentures
  • Metal-free

Fiber Force cst

Tridimensional infrastructure fabrication for PMMA-based trans-screwed dentures.

  • Quick, very solid, easy to use, cantilever possibility.
  • Fiber implant bar for trans-screwed bridges
  • Passive and stable
  • Fast construction
  • Tridimensional and lightweight structure
  • Bis-GMA-free and epoxy-free



Biolight® Plus is designed to reinforce post and core build-ups.

The fasciculated fibro-architectured micro-posts Biolight PlusTM offer a uniform and continuous reinforcement for coronal root canal reconstitutions (CRCR) inserted in the plastic phase, thus allowing a higher retention and resistance against long-term disintegration. The adhesive composite coating of each micro-post is realized according to an innovative and precise impregnation protocol using the impregnation case included.


➤ Ready to use, no preparation.

The fibro-architectured micro-posts Biolight Plus™ are made using a pultrusion technology excluding any additive.
Their surfaces are clean and ready to be inserted in the dental root canal.

➤ The secure coating on each micro-post substantially reduces the risk of voids spaces and bubbles formation in the adhesive composite thanks to the "one step, no touch,20 seconds!" impregnator.
➤ Minimally invasive: Traditional drilling is not required.

Cleaning is limited to the removal of the endodontics filling material to the working length: the result is a perfect adaptation to all root canal morphologies while preventing weakening of the root canal walls.

➤ Uniform and continuous reinforcement of the anchoring and the coronal composite using only one dual-cure adhesive composite (any compatible adhesive system can be used).
➤ Biocompatible: metal-free, wetting agent-free, Bis-GMA-free and epoxy resin-free.


The impregnation is optimized, the fiber bundle allows a more even distribution in the root canal and the coronal adhesive composite produces:

➤ An extraction resistance 45% higher compared to traditional posts.
➤ A 30° flexural strength 15% higher compared to classical reconstitutions.
➤ The blockage of microcracks causing the long-term disintegration of the reconstitutions.
➤ A displacement at failure 80% higher compared to traditional posts under 30° bending.

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