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Dental Lab Technicians: Aesthetics at its Best

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Ümit Pak
Dental Technician

Ümit Pak is a dental technician of strong character from Dinslaken, Germany. After his training as a dental technician he gained a lot of experience in various commercial and in-office laboratories, where he got to know all facets of dental technology. 

His participation in numerous expert circles and training courses, for example with Thilo Vock, Peter Bickert, Willi Geller, Sascha Hein, Andreas Nolte, Klaus Mütherthies, and many other well-known dental technicians, secured him an impressive range of experience, particularly when it comes to far-reaching innovative techniques. 

A special highlight among his extensive training courses was his participation in a Celtra patient workshop held by Hans-Jürgen Joit on Mallorca in 2017, which has resulted in multiple publications.

He began his career as a lecturer at Elephant Dental, Horn, Germany, where he significantly expanded his field of activity. His workshop focus was even then on surface textures, anterior esthetics, and telescope techniques.