Painting Solutions for Monolithic Restorations
Virtual Classroom
06 Nov 2020, 14:00 - 18:00 Online Event Area of interest: Dental Lab

Learning Objectives

  • Overview + description of GC´s painting solutions 
  • Different types monolithic restorations 
  • Workflow with painting technique 
  • How to prepare base-structure for painting 
  • Tips & Tricks concerning painting-procedure


Monolitic restorations are gaining more and more popularity as definitive restoration due to the increased esthetics of the latest materials. The newest  developments in the dental field offer more diversity in translucencies and a closer natural colour reproduction. However these CAD/CAM restorations still have to be elaborated manually and need some extra colour corrections by means of glazing and painting. GC offers the complete portofolio for achieving the perfect colour match and easy glaze by means of the Lustre Paints NF and spectrum stains.

Download the brochure here: 06.11.2020_Dirk Galle_Brochure.pdf