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Dental Hygienist Seminar, 03 November 2017

03 November 2017
Intercontinental Hotel Dubai Festival City

Part of 9th Dental Facial Cosmetic Int'l Conference

7 CME available | HAAD 7 CME | DHA 7 CME


Internationally renowned experts will share experiences, introduce new developments and share their insights during Dubai Dental Week 01-05 November at the 9th Dental Facial Cosmetic Conference.

Mary Mowbray, New Zealand
Mary Mowbray, New Zealand
(Innovator, Educator, Chief Executive of the Institute of Dental Hygiene)
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    Mary graduated as a Dental Hygienist in the UK in 1978 and practiced in general dentistry for 7 years before returning to NZ. After setting up the NZDHA, Mary’s aim was to unite dental hygienists to promote continuing professional development within the dental profession.

    Mary worked in general dental practices followed by an Implant/periodontal Specialist practice for 12 years, and now runs her own Dental Hygiene Clinic in Auckland, New Zealand.

    Mary was a visiting lecturer at Otago University and Auckland University of Technology and has lectured nationally and internationally in New Zealand, Korea, Germany, South Africa, Hong Kong, UK and Australia.

    Mary is also director of the Institute of Dental Hygiene which is set up to promote CPD for dental professionals.
  • Lecture: Integrating Oral cancer screening into your practice
    As Dental professionals, we can often make assumptions about the two distinct pathways of oral cancer, often neglecting to perform a comprehensive oral cancer screenings, which affects patients' prognosis and creates malpractice liability. In the absence of a comprehensive screenings, oral cancer can be diagnosed in the late-stages, when morbidity is the highest. To curb late diagnosis we must change our approach, by implementing comprehensive screenings that incorporate a systematic and thorough extra/intra- oral tactile screenings, visual screenings of all tissues, and asking appropriate, revealing questions and documenting with photos and clinical notes.

    Target Audience: Dental Hygienists, Oral Health Therapists Dentists

    Location: Global

    Mode of presentation: Didactic

    Course Goals:

    Educational Objectives:
    At the end of this educational lecture, the participant will be able to: Understand that mouth cancer can develop along two distinct pathways, an aggressive or less aggressive route Understand the most common causes of Oral cancer Assess the risk areas and risk factors of oral cancer Help to improve the management of pre-cancerous lesions and possibly prevent the development of the disease in the future

    Identify white lesion Identify red lesions Discuss why patients with HPV-related oral cancer do not fit the profile of patients with tobacco/alcohol-related oral cancer. Implement the use of appropriate, revealing questions during the screening process.

    Course Outcomes: The dental Professional will be able to

    • Provide clear and succinct overview of common problems encountered in oral and gingival tissue
    • Provide clear and succinct overview of implementing comprehensive screenings
    • Identify and manage problems related to the oral cavity
    • Develop a maintenance program for patients with dental implants
    • Incorporate a systematic and thorough extra/intra- oral tactile screenings
    • Provide clear and succinct overview documenting with photos and clinical notes.

    Course description:
    The course is designed to appeal to Dentists, Dental Hygienists, and Oral Health Therapists and will cover topics of interest to all dental professionals.
    Encourages people to take positive steps in five areas to reduce their risk of cancer: Stop smoking, Stay in shape, Eat and drink healthily.
  • Lecture: The Issue with the Tissue - The hidden peri-implantitis destruction caused by excess cement around cement retained implants.
    Many patients today are seeking treatment plans that include implant placement for the rehabilitation of their dentition. In the last 30 years, with over 150 different types of implant systems in the world, implant numbers total in the many millions.
    The high survival rate of oessointergrated dental implants is well documented. However, it is becoming increasingly clear that the peri-implant tissues around dental implants are susceptible to peri-implant disease which may lead to the implant inevitably failing. Many articles and papers have been written on the maintenance of implants, assuming that the placement and restoration has been restored correctly. Therefore maintenance of these implants, whether cement-retained or screw-retained is relatively easy, provided the patient has good oral hygiene techniques.
    Problems can occur during the restorative process, after crown placement.
    Lack of or no advice on implant maintenance leads to devastating results in the years following. The final result of incorrect crown cementation may risk the longevity of the implant along with poor home care.

    To discuss the background of implant maintenance and causes of mucositis and peri-implantitis
    which are related to inadequate restoration techniques and home care.

    Learning outcomes
    The aetiology of the disease process
    Understanding the European Federation of Periodontology definitions for peri – implant pathology
    The assessment of the disease process
    Correct radiographic techniques, reading of bone conditions and levels
    Correct charting the clinical indices
    Understanding the procedures for foreign body removal
    Recommendations for post operative care, using chemotherapeutics and natural products.

    Understanding the importance of continuous assessment at recall appointments of the peri-implant tissue using clinical indices, radiographs and visual inspection, will insure optimal management and treatment of compromise oessointergrated implants.
Hands-On Course: Enhanced biofilm management using modern air polishing techniques
Dr. Penelope Jones, Australia
Dr. Penelope Jones, Australia
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    After several years in general practice as a Dentist in Australia and London, Dr Penelope Jones worked for 25 years in a restricted Endodontic practice in Sydney. During that time she developed some problems in her head neck and back. She also noticed many other colleagues experiencing the same. This sent her on a journey of research and training in many therapies including many complimentary modalities to understand the impact, causes and how to resolve chronic pain.

    In 1988 she came across the Feldenkrais Method a somatic education system whose concepts of neuroplasticity etc are now modern buzzwords in neuroscience over 30 years later. She completed the 4 year training at Melbourne University in 1992 to be a Certified Feldenkrais practitioner. From this method, she created her Working Posture Program to deal with work related injuries and pain from sitting all day in a stressed environment. She has been teaching this through the Sydney Dental school for 20 years both at graduate and undergraduate levels. Helping some Dentists to avoid early retirement and certainly avoiding unnecessary suffering. She now runs her program through the Australian Dental Association's CPD Program Dr Jones has also spent many years teaching undergraduates in both Dental and Medical Faculties of Sydney University In 2001 she retired from Dental practice and has been focusing more on her Feldenkrais work. She has Accreditation in 3 other complimentary healing modalities and has studied and continues to study acupuncture through the Australian Medical Acupuncture Group.
  • Lecture: Working Posture in the daily work life
    Introduction as to why Dental personnel suffer so much from work stress and injury and what steps can be taken to avoid this happening. Anatomy of muscles of trunk support and integrated core bracing showing which muscles are usually too tight and which need to be built up. Identifying function and anatomy of sacro-iliac joint and its involvement in back problems forming the anatomical underpinnings of daily program and many of the lessons during the workshop. An introductory lesson on how to improve breathing and unlock intercostal muscles and learning how to access Integrated Core Bracing—viz multifidus, transverse abdominus and oblique muscles

    Learning Outcomes:
    1. Much more awareness of the functioning of their own body. To become aware when their posture becomes poor and is heading towards problems
    2. Ability to use pelvis as foundation for all movements, providing a firm basis from strength and flexibility in trunk for strong AND flexible dexterity in the shoulders, arms and wrists.
    3. Knowing how to avoid work injuries and help with rehab should problems arise
Hands-On Course: Working Posture
Mary Rose Pincelli Boglione, Italy
Mary Rose Pincelli Boglione, Italy
  • Show CV
    Mary Rose Pincelli Boglione is a graduate of Forsyth School of Dental Hygiene in Boston, Mass. USA.
    Currently she is working in a private clinical periodontal practice in Florence, Italy and is an Associate Professor having taught clinical dental hygiene for ten years at the University of Boglogna, Italy. Mary Rose Pincelli Boglione has had the opportunity to be visiting professor at the Forsyth School of Dental Hygiene and at Karsltad University in Karlstad, Sweden.

    As very active member of the Italian Dental Hygienist Association and delegate of the International Federation of Dental Hygienists she contributed a lot to the Dental Hygiene society. This year Mary Rose has been elected as treasurer too the IFDH and in 2010 was the recipient of the prestigious Esther M. Wilkins Alumnia Award.
Hands-On Course: Periodontal Instrumentation & Sharpening
Dr. Sahar M Bin Huraib, Saudi Arabia
Dr. Sahar M Bin Huraib, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia
  • Show CV

    [9/ 2016 - Present] College of Dentistry/ King Saud University:
    Consultant Dental Public Health
    Internship Program: Supervising interns
    Restorative Dentist at USC female section clinics

    [9/ 2010 -9/2016]College of Applied Medical Sciences, Department of Dental Health:
    - Head of the Community Services Committee
    - Member of the Quality Committee
    - Member of the program development Committee
    - Member of the New Buildings Committee
    - Member of the Advisory Committee
    - Member of the staff hiring and employment Committee
    - Member of the students’ rights Committee

    [6/ 2010 – 9/2016] College of Applied Medical Sciences, Department of Dental Health Sciences:
    - Consultant Dental Public Health, teaching Dental Hygiene Students
    - Course Director and lecturer of the three DPH courses: Health Education, Community dental health I & Community Dental Health II.
    - Reconstructed, developed and responsible for updating both theoretical and practical parts of all dental public health courses (Course Specification, outline, syllabus, reports ...etc.) , 348 , 445, 474 DEH
    - Supervised and published more than 25 0ral and dental health educational brochures
    and pamphlets.
    - Planning oral health education programs. Planned more than 20 dental health education programs implemented by the dental hygiene students and demonstrators of the department under my supervision, and evaluated by the attendee to be very effective.

    DEH 445 Community Health I
    DEH 474 Community Health II
    DEH 348 Oral Health Education

    [[5/2007- 6/ 2010] College of Dentistry/ King Saud University:
    University Staff Clinic, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
    Practicing Specialist dentist (Restorative Dentistry)

    [5/2007- 9/ 2010] College of Dentistry/ King Saud University:
    University Staff Clinic, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
    Consultant in public Health Dentistry and Restorative dentist

    [2008- 2009] External Assessor:
    [2009]Acted as External Assessor for the promotion of a doctor to her be appointed as:
    Consultant at the Military Hospital, Jan 2009
    [2008]Acted as External Assessor for the promotion of a doctor to her be appointed as:
    Consultant at the Military Hospital, Feb 2008

    [2007] College of Dentistry/ King Saud University:
    Malaz, 181 & 421 courses, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
    Lecturer & supervising and helping with the evaluation of the students dental public health
    school programs

    [2006] College of Dentistry/ King Saud University:
    Malaz, DNDP (Dental Assisting Program), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
    Course Director of "Introduction to Dental Assisting" course
  • Lecture: Improving Oral Health Outcomes: Communicate Before Educate, Advocate or Anticipate Abstract
    Dental disease is one of the great preventable public health challenges of the 21st century. Despite the availability of effective prevention and treatment methods, we have seen only small improvements in oral health status over the past few decades among GCC populations, with dental caries prevalence rates up to 90%. The overwhelming evidence reflected in the disease burden, the unmet need, and lack of access to proper dental care continues to be a pervasive issue, in addition to the mounting cost of this “silent epidemic”, with significant spending on restorative care for oral disease that could have been prevented, or if caught earlier treated, with lower-cost and lower-risk interventions.

    There are a number of barriers and practical challenges to achieving the goal of reducing the burden of oral disease, which is more critical than ever as many individuals lack basic health literacy skills. Moreover the movement towards vision 2030 and healthcare privatization, that implies the importance of providing future and existing dental care providers and their respective teams including dental hygienists with the skills needed in order to achieve better oral health outcomes, and so for the vision to succeed.

    This presentation will discuss the potential role dental hygienists can play to help achieve 2030 vision oral health goals, and the skills needed to face the challenges of providing adequate and appropriate communication in the patient–provider education process to change perceptions of oral health, or provider-policymaker advocating process to overcome barriers by replicating effective programs and proven efforts.

Prof. Dr. Bader K Alzarea
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bader K Alzarea, Dean, Aljouf Dental College
  • Show CV
    Associate Dr. Bader Kureyem Al-Zarea is the current dean of the College of Dentistry at Al Jouf University in Saudi Arabia and is part of the Prosthetic Department as the lead Prosthodontist. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has, throughout its history, taken utmost pride in the number and variety of its academic programs. With the passing of each new decade the Kingdom has witnessed the development of new scientific disciplines and the establishment of more colleges and universities. Most of these universities and colleges are vibrant and rich in ideas, contributing not only to our student's education but also to the regional growth and prosperity. The College of Dentistry at AL Juof University fosters the dissemination of knowledge to all disciplines and promotes development in dental education, treatment, and research. This will translate the values of the university from theory to practice utilizing the assets of openness, respect, commitment, integrity, and intellectual honesty in a milieu of consensus among students, faculty, and the professionals.
  • Lecture: The Role of Dental Hygienist in Dental Implants and Periodontics Inter Relation

Maha Abdulaziz Al-Ghouth, King Faisal Special Hospital Research Centre, Saudi Arabia
Maha Abdulaziz Al-Ghouth, King Faisal Special Hospital Research Centre, Saudi Arabia
  • Show CV
    Maha Al-Ghouth has a Bachelor degree in the Applied Medical Sciences – Dental Hygiene from King Saud University, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2003. She gained her experience as Dental Hygienist in 2003 at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center, Riyadh KSA – Department of Dentistry. Now, she is working as the Supervisor of Dental Hygiene section. Aside from being a Supervisor, she still continues chairside Dental Hygienist treating medically compromised patients. An active member of the Saudi Periodontal Club in KSA and consulted member at King Saud University. Maha is also active in giving lectures to Dental Hygiene students in different dental schools in the Kingdom. She monitors and supervises the Dental Hygiene Internship Program in KFSH&RC. She participates in different awareness days inside and outside of the hospital providing the importance of proper Oral Health Instructions to the public. She writes article and published in the KFSH&RC magazine and in the Riyadh newspapers. She receives different commendations from the Royal family and top VIP patients that she treated with the highest standard of care.
  • Lecture: Protocols in Dental Hygiene Management of Hemophiliac Patients
    Dental Hygiene play and important role in the management of Hemophilic Patient. This presentation will let you understand the cause and effect of this bleeding disorder. Providing proper management and techniques in the Oral Hygiene Instructions (OHI) will prevent the massive destruction of the teeth and gums that will lead to more complicated procedures and to save the life of a Hemophilic Patient.

    Learning outcomes:
    • Understanding the bleeding the disorder of Hemophilic Patient
    • Oral Hygiene Instructions (OHI) for Hemophilic Patient
    • Providing proper management on Hemophilic Patient
    • Steps in stopping the bleeding while treatment
Prof. Porus Turner, India
Prof. Porus Turner, India
  • Show CV
    • Professor Emeritus A.B. Shetty Institute of Dental Sciences, NITTE University, Mangalore, India.
    • MDS Prosthodontics 1966
    • MSc. Oral Implantology , Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany, 12th November 2012
    • Past President and Accredited member of Indian Academy of Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry.
    • Principal Faculty Dr. Turners’ Specialty (CDE) courses.
    • 27 Original Publications.
    • Author of two books one on Restorative dentistry and one on Oral Implantology
    • Consultant to Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai, India.
    • Consultant to Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai India.
    • Accredited tutor for Master of Oral Implantology courses of Goethe University, Frankfurt Germany.
    • International Speaker on Restorative Dentistry and Oral Implantology.
  • Lecture: The Role of Hygienists in Maintaining Tooth Supported and Implant Supported Restorations
    To highlight importance of the hygienist in maintaining aesthetic tooth supported as well as implant supported restorations.
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