Digital preoperative planning in the CoDiagnostix Era – Maximizing the application of digital tools
27 Sep 2022 Area of interest: General Dentistry, Implant Dentistry


In this webinar, you will gain an insight into the contemporary tools available for digital workflow in implant dentistry and learn from intraoral scanning to 3D implant planning software in the most technologically advanced, well-planned and therefore safer way possible.

The webinar will present options for digital diagnostic wax-up to allow for digital tooth positioning and how this information is married with the CBCT scan to allow for the most optimal prosthodontic implant position. Different cases will be covered using Straumann implants - from a single unit to multiple-unit restorations, giving you the detailed information and confidence to develop a digital approach to dentistry. The webinar will introduce the step-by-step processes for treatment planning using the Codiagnostix implant planning software. 

Learning objectives

  • Use of digital tools to perform comprehensive treatment planning and guided surgery
  • Use of digital diagnostic wax-up including tooth movements that may be necessary when planning patients requiring pre-restorative orthodontic treatment
  • Use of digital implant planning software
  • Technique to merge the prosthetic plan and CBCT data in order to define the most ideal 3-dimensional implant position and thereafter design surgical guide
  • Digital workflow in edentulous patients for implant planning including guided surgical planning