Clinical and Radiographic Considerations for the Selection of our File System
Virtual Classroom
27-28 Nov 2020, 18:00 - 22:00 | UAE Timezone (GST) Online Event Area of interest: Endodontics


Online Theory & Online Live Demonstration (4 hours)


Nowadays, we can find hundreds of mechanical systems to shape the root canals. New designs, alloys, motions and clinical techniques are available and it could produce confusion when we are facing a clinical case. Which system should I use or what are the characteristics I should be looking for?

Besides all these new instruments we can find in the market, in order to select our file system, we have to understand the physical behavior of a file into the root canals. Understanding how the metallurgy affects the file’s behavior is essential to select our system.  When we analyze different file systems, many of them could have a similar behavior and this is because they have similar designs or similar alloys. Once the clinician understand the principles of endodontics metallurgy, it is possible to find the most suitable system.

In addition, the clinical and radiographic evaluation of our clinical cases is pivotal before we place any file into the root canal system. Many times, we will anticipate challenges and difficulties before facing them, so, it will reduce the possibilities of iatrogenic errors. 

A virtual hands-on, will be performed as well, to demonstrate all these characteristics and clinical techniques, reviewed during the presentation.

Learning Objectives

  • Explain the importance of the identification of clinical challenges during the clinical and radiographic examination
  • Demonstrate how the metallurgy influences the mechanical behavior
  • Explain how to select the most suitable file system for the clinician needs and for a specific anatomy

Download the brochure here: 27.11.2020_Dr Cesar de Gregorio Course_Brochure.pdf


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Instrumentation of the root canal systems. Main concepts
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Factors influencing our decision-making
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