Online Event | UAE Timezone (GST) 17-20 Nov 2022

14th Dental Facial Cosmetic Conference

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Reveal the path to maximising aligner success

Date: 19 November 2022 | Time: 12:45 - 13:45 (GST) | Location: Online Event


Dr. Charles Brandon will take you through the process of learning to trust your aligner system and ensure maximum success in aligner cases. He will cover case selection, predictability of tooth movements, where aligners alone are not enough, maximising the effectiveness of your aligner plans and how to tackle more complicated cases.

Dr. Brandon loves pushing aligners to the absolute limit of their potential. He will discuss a number of cases where highly cosmetic outcomes were achieved in very challenging cases where many clinicians may have opted to treat the case with fixed appliances and review how he was able to achieve such good outcomes with only removable orthodontics. Finally, he will review the key available aligner systems currently on the market, what his personal preferences are and why.

Learning Objectives

  • How to comprehensively plan an aligner case through understanding of the fundamental components of removable orthodontics. 
  • Accurately gauge the complexity of your patient’s case and know when a case is within your scope.
  • Review the limits of aligners and how we can push them beyond these. 
  • Learn to maximise the success of your patients through effective treatment planning and case execution. 
  • Review when aligners alone are not enough to treat a case and discuss the alternative pathways.
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