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14th Dental Facial Cosmetic Conference

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Minimal invasive periodontal therapy for intrabony defects: Surgical and non-surgical options

Date: 20 November 2022 | Time: 15:00-15:45 (GST) | Location: Online Event


Teeth with untreated periodontal vertical bony defects (‘intrabony’ or ‘angular’ defects) are at higher risk of progression and eventually tooth loss. Traditionally, it was believed that only very limited improvements could be achieved by non-surgical therapy in intrabony defects, making these defects ideal candidates for periodontal regenerative surgery.  

Regenerative techniques and materials have evolved, based on the concepts of minimal invasiveness and papilla preservation. This talk will review several new techniques have recently emerged for the treatment of intrabony defects, including single-flap approach, modified MIST, and entire papilla preservation. 

Along with these developments in the regenerative surgical field, recent evidence from our group and others suggest that minimally invasive non-surgical periodontal therapy (MINST) could lead to favourable clinical and radiographic outcomes in intrabony defects. This is a non-surgical technique based on the principles of thorough debridement of the root surface with specific piezoelectric thin and delicate tips using magnification loupes. The aim is to avoid any trauma to the soft tissues and to stimulate the formation of a stable blood clot by natural filling of the intrabony defect with blood. 

We will review MINST protocols for intrabony defects and discuss which defects in which individuals could heal without the need for surgical therapy. Specific example cases will be shown, along with a comprehensive review of the literature in this topic. Data on long-term clinical and radiographic outcomes in intrabony defects treated with MINST will be presented. Recent evidence and hypotheses on healing patterns following MINST will be discussed. 

Example cases of intrabony defects will be shown and discussed, along with potential management options, including non-surgical and surgical techniques.

Lecture Objectives

  • Understand the main principles for the regeneration of periodontal intrabony defects 
  • Be aware of different techniques proposed for the surgical management of intrabony defects 
  • Understand the concept of MINST 
  • Be able to treatment plan complex cases 
  • Understand the biological principles underpinning healing of periodontal intrabony defects 
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