10th Dental Facial Cosmetic International Conference

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Efficacy of Diode Laser in Gingival Depigmentation: Case Report


Gingival hyperpigmentation ‘’ black gum’’ is a multi-factorial problem including, genetic, racial or acquired factors, and is considered as an esthetic problem. Several techniques have been used for gingival depigmentation, such as surgical intervention including; Scalpel surgery, Electric surgery and bur abrasive and recently, different type of lasers. This study reports 2 cases treated with Diode laser (980nm) for gum depigmentation at GMU. 


Two patients (males) aging around 40 years exhibiting melanin hyperpigmentation of gingiva, came to Gulf Medical University seeking cosmetic treatment were treated with diode laser operating at 980 nm wavelength. Various parameters such as, degree of gingival depigmentation, bleeding, pain, patient satisfaction and wound healing were assessed. The subjects were followed up to six months to see for recurrence of melanin pigmentation. 


Diode laser was efficient for melanin gingival depigmentation. No bleeding during surgery was noticed, wound healing was completed in the first month, Patients were satisfied with the laser techniques and minimum pain was scored using visual analog scale (VAS). 


The findings of this study indicated that gingival depigmentation was effective with Diode laser. Using Diode laser showed satisfactory results related to bleeding, pain and patient satisfactory, in addition to that, no recurrent gingival pigmentation was noticed after 6 months.

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