9th Dental Facial Cosmetic International Conference

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Minimal Intervention Management of Erosion

Dental practitioners believe in the prevention of dental disease and helping patients maintain a functional and aesthetic dentition for life, but how can we deliver predictable outcomes and make it a reality in clinical practice.

The modern approach to clinical dentistry relies on dentists taking the dual role of physician and surgeon. So there is a need for a systematic approach to the clinical management of a healthy oral environment. Patients present with a range of different conditions and circumstances and while no single intervention is effective in all cases, it is possible to develop specific strategies and protocols that incorporate monitoring of outcomes for managing individual patients.

Despite continuing major advances in dental materials and techniques. The average longevity of a direct tooth-colored restoration is still hovering around 10 years. Restorative materials are still a poor substitute for natural tooth structure. Teeth can withstand high mastication load because they are built using two very different materials, so it has been suggested that we should also replicate this design when rebuilding a tooth.

Today, technological innovations have provided dental professionals with new tools and science has provided us with many possible ways of handling the above issues. This lecture aims at identifying important factors that govern clinical success, reviewing possible solutions and demonstrating practical ways of preserving and restoring tooth structure.

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