Yamen Chaban, Germany
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Born in the Syrian city of Aleppo in 1981

Dental technician apprenticeship at the Dental Technician school Frankfurt Dental Faculty.

First assignment as a ceramist at Qualident Dental Laboratory in the United Arab Emirates. Main focus on aesthetic anterior restoration, based on PFM and full ceramics. Appointed as the head of the ceramic department at Qualident.

Moved to Germany in 2004, joining Dental Future Dental Laboratory (their slogan “ Hollywood Smile “), nearby Frankfurt, taking over the responsibility for fixed and removable high-end restorations. After successful completion of the education at the Master Dental Technician School in Frankfurt appointment as a lab supervisor at Dental Future Laboratory. During the time at Dental Future, numerous Cercon and ceramic hands-on workshops for DeguDent customers, from various countries, were performed, as an external consultant.

Y.Chaban accepted a new challenge, in 2010, as a technical advisor, national and international, at DeguDent head office in Germany -Hanau.

Since joining DeguDent, many lectures and workshops, mainly about the Cercon system and DeguDent ceramics, were offered in Germany and abroad.

Y.Chaban is also supporting the Product Management in special projects, e.g. testing ceramics and creating images for new product catalogs.

Y.Chaban accepted also a new challenge in 2016, as a Clinical Education Specialist, taking care of all Train the trainer Education and workshops, national and international, at DeguDent head office in Germany -Hanau