Tomasz Dabrowski, Poland
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Tomasz Dabrowski graduated as a dental technician in 1986 in Warsaw, Poland. In 1990, he founded one of the first private dental labs in Poland, where he continues to work today. In 1994, he began collaborating with the distributor of SHOFU dental materials in Poland, leading to numerous lectures, seminars, and training sessions across the country. He became a certified SHOFU national trainer in 2000. His specialization lies in fixed restorations, encompassing both ceramic and composite techniques, with a strong emphasis on overall esthetics and natural results.

Tomasz has attended various professional dental training programs in Germany and Japan, enhancing his expertise and experience. He earned the certification of SHOFU international trainer in 2009. Since then, he has conducted numerous training sessions, seminars, and lectures across Europe, Africa, and Asia, including countries like Spain, Portugal, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Morocco, Egypt, Algeria, Dubai, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia. He is the author of several articles in Polish dental magazines and served as the scientific editor of the "Dental Dialogue" magazine in Poland from 2010 to 2021. He also holds the status of a supporting member in PASE (Polish Academy of Esthetic Dentistry).