Stanislav Shishkov, CDT, Bulgaria
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At the beginning of my Dental Technician practice, the metal ceramic restorations was 80% of my daily work (crowns; bridges; full mouth restorations). The process was complicated with many stages (waxing; investing; casting; trimming the metal; applying the porcelain). I have had a moments and I was dreaming for a new technologies, which can make our job and our life more easy, how to save our time, to minimize our manual work and create a precise framework.

Five years ago I started working as a Dental Technician in Dubai, my motivation to come here was the desire for practicing on the market with high level technologies. Nowadays, I have opportunities to use these technologies, to be more productive and satisfied from the quality of the final product. It is necessary that the new CAD/CAM digital solutions are operated by a qualified technician, who knows the advantages which the technologies provide.

Since 3 years, I am cooperating with Sinterex – leading company of 3D Metal Printing, specialised in Dentistry in Middle East. Up till now, good results have been achieved: shearing the information from the daily experience, using to the maximum the advantages and options of EOC – 3D Printe.