Prof Jean-Marie Megarbane, Lebanon
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J.M Megarbané received his DDS degree from St Joseph University –Beirut-Lebanon in 1969. He is a graduate in Periodontology from University of Paris (France) in 1971 and TUFTS University, Boston (USA) in 1973. He was a visiting Professor in Periodontology at the University of Florida, USA. (1974-1978) and Professor and Chairman of the Department of Periodontology at the Lebanese University Beirut, Lebanon (1981-1993). He is “Founding Member” (1985) and “Board of Directors” (1992-1998) of the International Academy of Periodontology. He is “Founding Member” (1996) and the Scientific Chairman of the Lebanese Society for Osseointegration. He was President of the International College of Dentists (Middle East section) from 2008-2010.

His C.V. includes 25 published papers and more than 250 invited lectures and courses in the Middle East, Europe and USA.
Currently, he lectures in the Post Graduate of  Universities in Lebanon and abroad. 

Since 1974, Professor Megarbané is in limited private practice to Periodontics in Beirut-Lebanon and founded in 2005 ‘’Masters Dental Clinic’’ where all specialities are present.