Prof Anton Gerasimov, Russia
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Dr. Anton Gerasimov is an accomplished professional in the field of dentistry and oral surgery. He earned his Bachelor's degree with Honors in Dentistry from Pavlov University in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, in 2004. Dr. Gerasimov's journey in the dental world began with an internship at the Maxillofacial Department of Pavlov University in 2005. His passion for oral surgery led him to attain a Master's degree in Oral Surgery in 2007 and later a PhD in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in 2010.

With a commitment to excellence, he furthered his education by completing a Master of Healthcare Management at the President's Program in 2011, which he followed with an international traineeship in the Netherlands in 2013. Dr. Gerasimov's dedication to education and research was evident during his tenure as an Assistant Professor in the Postgraduate Oral & Maxillofacial Master's degree program at Pavlov University from 2011 to 2022. He is a respected lecturer at National Continuing Professional Development Programs and a speaker at major international congresses.

His accolades include the 2009 National contest "Diagnostics in Dentistry" award from the Russian Dental Association, as well as memberships in prestigious organizations like the European Association for Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgery and the Board of Directors of the International Board of Oral Implantology. Dr. Gerasimov is an Ambassador for the International Academy for Ultrasonic Surgery and Implantology.

Beyond academia, he has held significant positions in various dental clinics and institutes, specializing in Oral Surgery & Implantology. Dr. Gerasimov's innovation shines through his authorship of a full-length stereoscopic 3D movie on Oral Surgery and the establishment of "Molaris," a surgical computer planning and 3D design bureau. He's known for performing surgeries in Virtual Reality (VR) and inventing live stereoscopic 3D broadcasting in oral surgery. Additionally, Dr. Gerasimov holds patents in bone grafting and sinus lift procedures.

His expertise extends to reputable mass media, where he has contributed over 100 expert articles, commentaries, and numerous live TV appearances, making him a recognized authority in the field. Dr. Anton Gerasimov is a true pioneer and leader in oral surgery and implantology, with a career marked by innovation, education, and clinical excellence.