Lyn Carman, Australia
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Lyn graduated as a Dental Hygienist in 1986 in Adelaide, and shortly after moved to London to live and work, returning to a working holiday around Australia in the early ’90s.  Once settling down she set he mind to consolidating her experiences and gaining even more in all things Oral Health.  She is the founder of Lync Consulting and her new project, Lync Squad a job matching agency for Oral Health Professionals in Australia

Uniquely, Lyn has firsthand experience as both an employee and employer.  When she became a business owner in 2008 Lyn was one of the first Hygienists in Australia to own Dental Practices and employ Dentists and fabulous teams. The driving force for her business was to create a practice driven by her passion for connecting oral health and general health. 

Being in the dental profession for over 35 years, Lyn feels incredibly grateful to still be excited and passionate about her chosen career and the life she has created along with her partners, children, dogs, chickens and love of life.

She is constantly inspired to give back to the profession and to enable others to be excited and passionate about their chosen path.

“What an amazing gift to be able to get up every morning and love what I do!”