Eric Berger, France
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Eric Berger is a passionate dental technician who values high quality in a dental restoration.

After successfully studying material science at the Higher National Institut für das Handwerk [Higher National Institute for Crafts], he continued his training in Germany, then opened his own laboratory, "Dental technique Berger", in 1989 in Metz.

His dental laboratory is a certified VITA Master Lab (VITA Master Labs are an international group of committed top dental technology laboratories with "opinion leader" status). His laboratory's main fields of activity are ceramics, combined technology, and implantology. Eric Berger places a lot of value on close cooperation between dental technicians and dentists. In his opinion, this is the critical factor in determining the quality of the restoration.

Eric Berger strives tirelessly for perfection. To achieve this, he studies many different processing techniques for dental ceramics (metal ceramics, pressed ceramics and CAD/CAM materials) and applies these in his practice. For him, masterful dental technology includes both precise tooth shade measurement and the targeted use of individualization using the residual dentition as the model. He views his work as the "art of ceramics."

- Maître Prothésiste dentaire [master of dental prosthetics]

- Member of the CMA Moselle

- VITA National Speaker for VITA Zahnfabrik

- Instructor and trainer for SIRONA inLab

- Instructor and trainer in e-dentistry (International Society of Computerized Dentistry)

- Consultant and teacher at the ISNA Metz