Dr Simone Martini, Italy
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Dr. Simone Martini is a distinguished dentist and orthodontist, holding both a DDS and an MSc. He graduated with honors from the University politecnica delle Marche in Italy before pursuing his postgraduate specialization in Orthodontics at the renowned Catholic University of Sacro Cuore in Rome. For the past four years, Dr. Martini has dedicated his expertise to orthodontics, focusing on various aspects such as growing patients' treatments, aesthetic orthodontic appliances, and fixed appliances. He is recognized as a Spark and Invisalign provider.

Currently based in Macerata, Italy, Dr. Martini operates his own practice while also serving as an orthodontic consultant in numerous practices throughout Rome. His unwavering passion for orthodontics propels him to continually advance his skills and knowledge by learning new techniques and embracing cutting-edge technologies.

Dr. Martini has undergone extensive training in several specialized areas, including the Tweed Technique under the guidance of Professor Ursini R. and Giuliante L. at the University of Rome. He has also received instruction in skeletal anchorage with miniscrews from Professor Giuntoli F. and Perinetti G., as well as management and treatment of patients with TMJ Disorders from Professor De Nuccio C. Additionally, he is proficient in the MBT Technique and possesses expertise in interceptive and early treatment of orthodontic patients. Through his dedication to excellence and continuous professional development, Dr. Martini remains at the forefront of orthodontic care, delivering exceptional results to his patients.