Dr Renato Miotto Palo, Brazil
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Dr. Palo is a graduate of the Paulista University - Sao Paulo - Brazil. He obtained a specialized level of endodontics in a postgraduate program of the University of Sao Paulo - USP - Bauru - Brazil. Dr. Palo received his master's degree from the State University of Sao Paulo - Sao Jose dos Campos campus, where he was a collaborating professor of endodontics. The doctorate was achieved at the State University of Sao Paulo - Araraquara campus. Prof Cornelis Pameijer, Emeritus Professor of the University of Connecticut, was a tutor in his Post-Doctoral study. He has worked as a part-time and part-time professor in his clinical practice dedicated to endodontics and whitening. Dr. Palo presided over two postgraduate programs in Brazil. He has organized several dental congresses, including as scientific coordinator of Sao Paulo Dental Meeting. His scientific background includes books, published articles, book chapters and scientific awards. He has been interviewed to talk about the action of bleaching and risks in media programs in different countries. He is often invited to judge master's and doctoral thesis, and has also worked as an article reviewer. Dr. Palo has carried out in vitro and in vivo experiments and has worked as a developer and evaluator of new materials. Dr. Palo gave more than 250 presentations in 66 countries and today works in the Clinical Affairs Department at Ultradent Products.

He speaks Portuguese, Spanish and English.