Dr Rafael Beolchi, Brazil
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  • Graduated in Dentistry by the University of São Paulo (Brazil), on the year 2000.
  • Private Practice since 2001, working mainly in Esthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry.
  • In 2009 he received his Master’s Degree in Biomaterials, by the Institute of Energetic and Nuclear Research, also from the University of São Paulo.
  • Teacher responsible for Courses of Esthetic Dentistry with Direct Composites in National and International Institutes.
  • Coordinator of the Operative Dentistry Course in FACOP, Sorocaba, Brazil and also at the Union Health Academy, in São Paulo, Brazil.
  • Has several articles written in English, Spanish and Portuguese about the topics of Direct Esthetic Restorations with Composites and Photocuring.
  • He authored two book chapters: Restoration of endodontically treated teeth on Prof. Mario Leonardo’s book of Endodontics and the Photocuring chapter on Prof. Ewerton N. Conceição’s book of Operative Dentistry.
  • Associate Researcher of the Operative Dentistry Department of the Universidade de São Paulo.
  • Collaborator to other Teaching Institutions, both nationally and internationally.
  • Consultant on products and materials for the Dental Industry.
  • Member of Editorial board of Scientific Magazines
  • International Lecturer on more than 40 countries around the Globe, all over Latin America and USA, plus Europe, Asia and Africa, in Portuguese, English and Spanish.