Dr Miguel Teixeira, Portugal
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Dr. Miguel Teixeira is a highly accomplished professional with a strong background in orthodontics and clinic management. Currently serving as the Senior Clinic Manager at K Line Europe in Dusseldorf, he brings a wealth of expertise and leadership to his role.

Dr. Teixeira's journey as an entrepreneur and visionary began in January 2020 when he founded Avin, Alinhadores Invisíveis. As the CEO of the company, he successfully led the development and implementation of innovative invisible aligner solutions, revolutionizing the field of orthodontics. Under his guidance, Avin gained recognition for its cutting-edge technology and patient-centric approach.

Alongside his entrepreneurial endeavors, Dr. Teixeira has been sharing his knowledge and expertise as an Orthodontics Teacher at various private institutes across Europe since January 2020. As an educator, he imparts valuable insights and practical skills to aspiring orthodontists, contributing to the advancement of the field.

With his extensive experience in clinic management, entrepreneurship, and teaching, Dr. Miguel Teixeira has established himself as a prominent figure in the orthodontic community. His commitment to excellence and innovation continues to drive his success in shaping the future of orthodontics and patient care.