Dr Michael Dieter, Switzerland
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Dr. Michael Dieter is a dentist from Germany.  After his dental certification at the University of Tübingen, he was engaged in research work at the operative department of the same university and subsequently spent 4 years in private dental practice in Germany. 

Dr. Dieter currently practises aesthetic dentistry in a private dental clinic in Switzerland with a major focus on minimally invasive and adhesive dentistry, namely on aesthetic direct anterior and posterior composite restorations as well as on smile design with all-ceramic reconstructions. More than 25 years ago he integrated the CAD/CAM chairside application into his clinical workflow and today he is making use of the latest digital technologies.  

As Head of Direct Restoratives & Prevention Global Education (Ivoclar, Principality of Liechtenstein) he is also directly involved in various development projects for new clinical products, putting him at the forefront of the latest technological developments in modern dentistry.

Dr. Dieter is intensively lecturing worldwide on topics related to the latest science in clinical techniques and dental materials. For the past 23 years he has been actively involved in the practical training of dentists through workshops and hands-on courses, both in the Ivoclar Academy in Liechtenstein and in various dental education centers and universities throughout the world. 

In February 2017 he received the "Best Speaker Award" at the 21st UAE International Dental Conference in Dubai (4000 delegates voted the best out of 200 international speakers).