Dr Manuel Waldmeyer, Germany
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Dr Manuel studied dentistry at the University Medical Center Hamburg Eppendorf between 2005 and 2011. A lucky coincidence brought him to Montreal, Canada, for an extended study visit to McGill University in 2010 - the city where he was allowed to spend a year of his life as a student.

From 2011 Dr Manuel started practicing his profession in a large practice in Kassel. His doctorate took place in 2012 with a thesis in the field of pediatric dentistry at the University Medical Center Hamburg Eppendorf, which was endowed with the prize of the German Society for Pediatric Dentistry. In the same year, he started his three-year specialist qualification, which he finished in 2015 with the field title “Dentist for Oral Surgery”. He is also a “Certified Expert in Implantology” (DGOI, recertification date 2021).

In addition to his work as a dentist, Dr Manuel holds advanced training events in the field of 3D imaging.