Dr Maja Chmielewska, Poland
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Dr. Maja Chmielewska, a highly qualified dental professional based in Poland, holds a DDS and MSc degree, with a specialization in implantology and periodontology. She is recognized as an ITI Fellow, showcasing her commitment to excellence in the field.

Dr. Chmielewska's clinical expertise is centered on implant surgery, and she has furthered her knowledge by working in a dental lab with a focus on CAD/CAM technology. With a strong background in digital dentistry, she seamlessly integrates guided surgery into her daily clinical practice. Her proficiency extends to various CAD/CAM protocols, including hands-on experience with systems such as Cerec, Amann Girrbach, and DWOS/Cares. She is well-versed in intraoral and laboratory scanners, milling machines, and 3D printing, particularly in the context of implant-based cases.

As a certified CoDiagnostiX instructor, Dr. Chmielewska imparts her knowledge and skills to others in the field. Additionally, she has co-authored the book "Guided Surgery," further establishing her as a respected authority in the realm of implant dentistry. Notably, she has contributed to research in Pascal Magne's team in California, adding to her wealth of experience and expertise in the dental field. Dr. Chmielewska's dedication to leveraging digital advancements in dentistry reflects her commitment to providing optimal care to patients within her collaborative team.