Dr Firas Hamzeh, UAE
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Dr Firas Hamzeh started his postgraduate training programme at the University of Nantes, France in 1994.

He obtained his first certificate of advanced studies in dental materials used in dentistry in December 1995 and his certificate of high studies in dentofacial orthopedics in 1997. At the same university, he started his diploma in orthodontics in 1996 and he obtained his master's degree in 1999.

Dr Hamzeh moved to Dubai in 2000 and he started his practice in the private sector, he started to use the self-ligating brackets with the Damon system in 2004 and he continued his advanced training with Damon system with best Ormco's educators. After that he became an exclusive user of Damon system in his practice in 2008.

He’s one of KOL with Damon system and Insignia in the middle east.

Dr Firas Hamzeh had advanced knowledge in Orthodontic digital solutions. Dr Hamzeh is recognised as an early adopter and advocate of innovative orthodontic systems including digital custom brackets (he was also the first Insignia user in the UAE) his first case was publishedin 2012. In addition to being KOL he is an international Ormco speaker.

Additionally, Dr Firas enjoys treating TMD cases as he has been following a lot of training programmes in occlusion and TMJ, including the Roth-Williams philosophy.

He completed his postgraduate training programme in TMJ, occlusion and orthodontics in San Sebastian, Spain. 

Since 2013 he’s treating patients with temporomandibular joint disorders.

Dr Hamzeh has presented in so many international orthodontic conferences, the main focus in his lectures is the digital orthodontics and the passive self-ligating system.