Dr Daniel Vasquez, USA
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Dr. Vasquez has been in private practice since 1999 in San Diego, Calif. Since acquiring his first CEREC® system in 2008, he has focused on aesthetics and digital dentistry. His passion for CAD/CAM dentistry led him to become an opinion leader and Beta tester for Dentsply Sirona Systems. He has lectured nationally and internationally, becoming a mentor for many CEREC dentists from all over the world helping them become more efficient and successful with CEREC AC, Sirona Connect, CEREC Ortho, CEREC Premium, integration CEREC/Galileos for Implant treatment planning and CEREC guide 2. Dr. Vasquez believes in team communication, the reason for “Speaking the Same Language with Sirona Connect” becoming a mentor and ambassador in the USA for the inLab dental lab technicians.