Christine de Sousa, South Africa
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Christine is a qualified oral hygienist who has a special interest in the connection between oral health and periodontal disease and how it relates to broader health issues. Her journey into oral health began while working as a dental assistant in Dubai, UAE, where she likely gained valuable experience and exposure to dental care practices. Subsequently, she pursued formal education and earned her qualification at Wits University.

Christine's unique and innovative approach to oral health has gained recognition, as she has been featured on television alongside Michael Mole. Her expertise in this field has also led to regular invitations to speak at key dental conferences, indicating her standing as an authority on the subject.

Currently, Christine dedicates her time and expertise to focusing on oral health in the elderly population. Her work in this area has had a remarkable impact on her patients, as evidenced by the reduction in urinary tract infections and decreased dependency on antibiotic treatments. This suggests that her approach to oral health is not only improving the dental well-being of her patients but also positively affecting their overall health and quality of life.