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Layering Anterior Composites: Simplified: The STYLEITALIANO Way


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Composite restorations are a reality of day to day dentistry today. They over the last two decades have revolutionized restorative and aesthetic dentistry. It has hoverer been always a challenge to make them look and function like natural teeth.

The materials not being like tooth tissues or the inability of the practitioner to master complex clinical techniques has resulted it restorations especially in the aesthetic zone that still look like they do not belong to the individual’s dentition.

In this lecture simple recipes and techniques combined with some new materials are being explained for the average practitioner to be able to do life like restorations with ease making them biomimetic and also to understand steps that can be taken to minimize or eliminate postoperative sensitivity.

Learning Objectives

  • Evaluate when to use Direct Restorations: Indication and Contraindications 
  • Explain Simplified Layering Technique: Understanding the Controlled Body Technique
  • Explain when to use bonding technique and agents, how for predictable bonding and insuring no post-operative sensitivity
  • Evaluate shade selection and how to build the right shade with the right thickness
  • Describe how to create the right anatomy, form and texture of restorations to mimic  the natural tooth 
  • Explain how to provide restorations a long term stability
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