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Ortho restorative approach using smile architect


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In this webinar, Dr Luis will talk about the importance of minimally invasive dentistry and how can this be achieved by adopting ortho-restorative approach. He will explain how he uses the digital workflow in his practices approaching pre restorative tooth alignment. He will demonstrate how his workflow used to be when planning ortho-restorative treatments and how it became after using Smile Architect to plan patients’ smile design sharing cases showing this valuable tool.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the concept of minimally invasive dentistry and how it can be achieved using pre-restorative tooth alignment   
  • Learn about how digital workflow can aid in practice efficiency 
  • Demonstrate digital treatment planning for ortho-restorative approach 
  • Realize the potential of Invisalign Smile Architect combined with Invisalign Go system in achieving minimally invasive aesthetic smile 
  • Compare how workflow used to be before Smile Architect and how it became using case examples
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