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Be inspired by a unique experience and celebrate excellence of dentistry. These exhilarating events host a rich programme of industry leading speakers, innovative lectures and fun presentations exploring the most topical subjects shaping the future of dentistry.

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Sponsored by CAPP
Prof James Prichard, UK – Contemporary Access Cavities

Sponsored by Oral-B
Dr Alice Huynh, Australia – Periodontal Pain Presentations and Management in a COVID-19 World
Dr Elias Berdouses, Greece – Primary Teeth Trauma. Management, Complications and Clinical Signs to Identify it
Prof Axel Spahr, Australia – Peri-Implant Complications – aetiology, pathogenesis, prevention and treatment
Dr Naif Almosa, KSA – Different strategies to manage enamel demineralization in orthodontic patients
Prof Ian Meyers, Australia – Clinical Implications of Salivary Hypofunction and Xerostomia
Prof Giulio Rasperini, Italy – Periodontal Plastic Regeneration: Surgical Approach and Long Term Maintenance

Sponsored by NSK
Prof Göran Urde, Sweden – How to Maintain implants and how to avoid Peri-implantitis
Prof Paul A. Tipton, UK – Essentials of Tooth Preparation
Prof Paul A. Tipton, UK – Modern Ceramic crown and veneer preparation techniques
Dr Eduardo Mahn, Chile – Evidence-based Infection Treatment Protocols in the Dental Office. What Makes Sense and What doesn’t in the COVID-19 Period?
Dr Jens Weusmann, Germany – Non-Surgical Periodontitis and Periimplantitis Therapy: An Update
Asst Prof József Szalma, Hungary – How to Perform Coronectomy of Wisdom Teeth? Diagnostic and Therapeutic Tips and Tricks.
Dr Bálint Molnár, Hungary – Minimally Invasive Surgery in Sinus Floor Elevation – Bony Wall Repositioning with the Piezoelectric Approach
Dr Maurizio Martini, Italy – The Immediate Loading in Implantology. From the Theory to the Clinical Application
Bianca Willems, Germany – The successful implementation of air polishing in a prophylaxis concept
Prof Moritz Kebschull, Germany – State-of-the-art Perio Treatment - The new EFP clinical practice guidelines

Supported by GSK
Dr Nadim Aboujaoude, Lebanon – The Posterior Composite: Managing the Sensitivity
Dr Nadim Aboujaoude, Lebanon – A Tooth and a String – The Magical Biodynamics of the Teeth

Sponsored by ZirkonZahn
Marco Heidel, Germany – Innovations in Comprehensive Digital Technologies for Implant Therapy From 3D Face Hunting and Immediate Loading, to Crown and Full Mouth Restorations
Alexander Lichtmannegger MDT, Austria – Characterisation Techniques for Zirconia, Double Milling and New Design Tools for Set-Ups and Dentures

Supported by Align Technology
Dr Moustafa Besher Khalil, Egypt – GP Dentists: The power of digital dentistry on the daily dental practice. A look into intraoral scanning
Dr Moustafa Besher Khalil, Egypt – Orthodontics: The impact of digitalization on the orthodontic treatment. Optimizing the orthodontic workflow with intraoral scanning
Dr Abdullah Abudeeb, Egypt – ClinCheck Pro 6.0  software and communication with the CAD designers
Dr Gül Şanlıtürk, Turkey – Opening and Closing Spaces with the Invisalign System - Biomechanic
Dr Gül Şanlıtürk, Turkey –Transversal discrepancies: Correction of Expansion and Crossbites with the Invisalign System
Dr Gül Şanlıtürk, Turkey – Invisalign treatment with Mandibular Advancement and Invisalign First
Abdulaziz Al Quraish, Saudi Arabia – Principles of Clear Aligner Biomechanics
Abdulaziz Al Quraish, Saudi Arabia – Chairside procedures: Attachment Bonding and IPR techniques
Abdulaziz Al Quraish, Saudi Arabia – Monitoring, Auxiliary Techniques and Retention
Dr Haydar Al Hasan, France – Invisalign SmartForce Features and attachments
Dr Haydar Al Hasan, France – Sagittal corrections: Invisalign clinical protocols and features
Dr Haydar Al Hasan, France – Vertical discrepancies: clinical protocols and features
Dr Haydar Al Hasan, France – Extractions: Invisalign clinical features and protocols

Sponsored by Ormco (recordings on-demand not available)
Dr Firas Hamzeh, UAE – Passive self-ligation system, new concepts and mechanics
Dr Dimitrios Mavreas, Greece – Treating efficiently and effectively with passive self-ligation
Dr Chris Chang, Taiwan – 12 extraction variations treated by the self-ligation system 
Dr Marija Saupe, Serbia – Torque selection. Importance and how to do it
Dr Firas Hamzeh, UAE – Optimising efficiency with Damon mechanics

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